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Last 50 restaurant reviews accepted by DineOut

  1. Goode Brothers, New Lynn
  2. Bodrum Kitchen, New Lynn, Auckland
  3. Le Garde-Manger, Auckland (7.3 after 17 reviews)
  4. Dizengoff, Ponsonby, Auckland (7.3 after 5 reviews)
  5. Valentines Licensed Buffet Restaurants, Glenfield, Auckland (5.9 after 18 reviews)
  6. Johnny Barr's Fresh Food Bistro, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland (6.9 after 3 reviews)
  7. Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar (on Poplar), Christchurch (4.1 after 1 review)
  8. Vesuvio Wine Bar & Tapas, Christchurch (8.7 after 1 review)
  9. The Honest Lawyer Country Pub & Hotel, Monaco, Nelson (6.0 after 32 reviews)
  10. Apple Shed Cafe And Bar, Mapua (7.5 after 17 reviews)
  11. Bolero Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Albany, Auckland (6.3 after 35 reviews)
  12. Sidart Restaurant, Ponsonby, Auckland (9.1 after 55 reviews)
  13. Supreme Supreme, Christchurch (7.2 after 3 reviews)
  14. Waimea, Waikanae Beach, Waikanae (6.1 after 14 reviews)
  15. D4 Raumati, Raumati Village, Kapiti (6.9 after 1 review)
  16. The Office Cafe, Paraparaumu Beach, Kapiti Coast (6.8 after 12 reviews)
  17. Keo Thai Restaurant, Christchurch (6.2 after 45 reviews)
  18. Misceo Cafe & Bar, Fendalton, Christchurch (6.7 after 35 reviews)
  19. Madam Kwong's, Riccarton, Christchurch (4.8 after 5 reviews)
  20. Bootleg BBQ Co, Christchurch (6.3 after 12 reviews)
  21. Tandoori Pakwan, Te Aro, Wellington (5.2 after 2 reviews)
  22. Honey Cafe, New Brighton, Christchurch (7.0 after 7 reviews)
  23. Mexicano's, Christchurch (6.4 after 24 reviews)
  24. Lumes, City Central, Christchurch (7.1 after 3 reviews)
  25. Fleurs Place, Moeraki (7.9 after 51 reviews)
  26. The Roundabout, Tawa, Wellington (7.5 after 32 reviews)
  27. Zaika Bistro & Bar, Wellington (7.9 after 9 reviews)
  28. English Dhaba, Tawa, Porirua (9.2 after 9 reviews)
  29. iVillage at Victoria, Auckland (8.4 after 11 reviews)
  30. Masala Indian Cafe & Bar, Wellington (6.6 after 50 reviews)
  31. Portofino Pizzeria Ristorante, Mission Bay, Auckland (6.7 after 27 reviews)
  32. Euro Restaurant & Bar, Down Town Auckland, Auckland (7.3 after 98 reviews)
  33. Swashbucklers Restaurant, Westhaven, Auckland (6.5 after 33 reviews)
  34. Odettes Eatery (8.7 after 1 review)
  35. Miyabi, Ashburton (8.7 after 1 review)
  36. Pan de Muerto Mystic Mexican Cuisine & Tequila Bar, Te Aro, Wellington (7.3 after 12 reviews)
  37. Dockside Restaurant, Wellington (6.4 after 81 reviews)
  38. Chow Tory, Wellington (7.5 after 95 reviews)
  39. Okere Falls Store, Okere Falls, Rotorua (6.9 after 4 reviews)
  40. Hennessy's Irish Bar, Rotorua (6.6 after 2 reviews)
  41. BREW | Craft Beer Pub, Rotorua (7.9 after 2 reviews)
  42. Ambrosia Restaurant & Bar, Rotorua (5.9 after 11 reviews)
  43. Casa Publica, Christchurch (8.2 after 1 review)
  44. La Boca Loca, Miramar, Wellington (7.0 after 44 reviews)
  45. Beach Bar, Sumner, Christchurch (7.0 after 10 reviews)
  46. Tanuki Japanese Sake & Sushi Bar, Auckland (7.4 after 36 reviews)
  47. Orleans, Auckland (6.0 after 13 reviews)
  48. Keo Thai Restaurant, Christchurch (6.2 after 45 reviews)
  49. Tulsi Contemporary Indian Cuisine, Te Aro, Wellington (4.6 after 62 reviews)
  50. The Free House, Nelson (7.1 after 1 review)
Latest reviewsGoode Brothers, New LynnBodrum Kitchen, New Lynn, AucklandLe Garde-Manger, AucklandDizengoff, Ponsonby, AucklandValentines Licensed Buffet Restaurants, Glenfield, AucklandJohnny Barr's Fresh Food Bistro, Wynyard Quarter, AucklandPot Sticker Dumpling Bar (on Poplar), ChristchurchVesuvio Wine Bar & Tapas, ChristchurchThe Honest Lawyer Country Pub & Hotel, Monaco, NelsonApple Shed Cafe And Bar, MapuaBolero Tapas Bar & Restaurant, Albany, AucklandSidart Restaurant, Ponsonby, AucklandSupreme Supreme, ChristchurchWaimea, Waikanae Beach, WaikanaeD4 Raumati, Raumati Village, KapitiThe Office Cafe, Paraparaumu Beach, Kapiti CoastKeo Thai Restaurant, ChristchurchMisceo Cafe & Bar, Fendalton, ChristchurchMadam Kwong's, Riccarton, ChristchurchBootleg BBQ Co, Christchurch