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Canterbury Earthquake - February 2011 - Who's Open?

Suburb Status [Show latest updates]


Open NowAddington Coffee Co-op, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowAfghan Restaurant, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBean Scene Cafe and Cargo Bar, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowEAT - Excellence and Taste, Hazeldean Business Park, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowEspresso Carwash Cafe, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMilieu, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMorrell & Co, Addington, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMrs Hucks, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNew York Deli - Addington, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNorth & South Gourmet, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowOddfellows Cafe, Addington, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSarahs Bar and Cafe, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowShanxi Noodles, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSimo's Deli and Morocan Takeaway, Shop 3, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Pedal Pusher, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Tuck Shop Café, CBS Canterbury Arena, Addington, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTownTonic, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTwiggers Caberet, Addington Racecourse, Addington, Christchurchupdate
Open NowVanilla Bean Cafe, Addington, Christchurchupdate


Open NowBeauvais, Avonhead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Euro by David Carrodus, Avonhead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMonteiths Brewery Bar-Merrin St, Avonhead Mall, Avonhead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRed Berri, Avonhead Tavern, Avonhead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSiena Cafe, Avonhead, Christchurchupdate


Open NowRashid's Persian Cuisine, Barrington, Christchurchupdate


Open NowBecks Southern Alehouse, Beckenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoffee Culture, Beckenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCortado Restaurant, Bar and Cafe, Beckenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFormaggio's, Beckenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNando's, Beckenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSavoire Cafe & Wine Bar, Beckenham, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCaesars Family Restaurant & Bar, Northwood Supa Centa, Belfast, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHarrington's Bar & Cafe, Belfast, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPepe's Mexican Grill, Northwood Supa Centre, Belfast, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRobbies Bar & Bistro, Belfast, Christchurchupdate


Open NowAbalone Thai Restaurant, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCopenhagen Bakery, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFour Seasons Korean Restaurant, Bishopdale Mall, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownKorea House, Bishopdale Mall, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLittle Brown Jug, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLittle Italy, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLittle Italy Restaurant, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSub Zero, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTavern Harewood Bar & Grill, Parkside Plaza, Bishopdale, Christchurchupdate


Open NowFix Espresso Cafe, Bromley, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCafe Mint, Bryndwr, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMay's Thai, Bryndwr, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSushi Ya, Bryndwr, Christchurchupdate


Open NowAirport Gateway Motor Lodge, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDream Garden, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHintons, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
UnknownKebabishNZ, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNative Garden Cafe, Untouched World, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPattersons Restaurant, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSevantis Restaurant and Cafe, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Flight Lounge, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Preservatory Delicatessen, Burnside, Christchurchupdate
Open NowWok On In Cafe, Burnside, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCosyCafe, Casebrook, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCourtyard Cafe, Princess Margaret Hospital, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCup, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowElevate Bar and Function Centre, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowEmperor's New Clothes, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKaizuka, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLotus Spa High Tea House, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningSign Of The Takahe, cnr Dyers Pass Rd, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSilverbacks, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTaste@Twenty, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Brickworks, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate
Open NowZeroes Cafe, Cashmere, Christchurchupdate


Open NowThe Astro Lounge, Cook'n' With Gas, CBD, Christchurchupdate

Central City

UnknownRegatta On Avon, Central City, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Barista, Central City, Christchurchupdate


Open Now50 Bistro, The George Hotel, Christchurchupdate
Open NowAce Wasabi Japanese Restaurant, Charlotte Jane, Christchurchupdate
ClosedAnn's Thai Restaurant & Bar, Christchurchupdate
ClosedAroy Thai Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
ClosedArt Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBaretta, Christchurchupdate
ClosedBarista Cafe, Farmers Foodcourt, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBase Woodfired Pizza, Re:Start Container Mall, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBealey's Speights Ale House, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBeat Street Cafe, Cnr Armagh St & Barbadoes St, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBelgian Beer Cafe Torenhof, The Colombo, Christchurchupdate
ClosedBest Sushi, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBiscotti cafe, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBlack Betty Cafe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBlax Espresso Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBloody Marys, Rydges Latimer, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBoatsheds Cafe, Christchurchupdate
ClosedBohemian Cafe and Bar, Christchurchupdate
ClosedBollywood Indian Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBoo Radley's Food & Liquor, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBootleg BBQ Co, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBrick Farm, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBunrunners Cafe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowC1 Espresso Ltd, Christchurchupdate
Open NowC4 Coffee, [Relocated], Christchurchupdate
UnknownCafe 218, Midway on Moorhouse, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Valentino, Christchurchupdate
ClosedCaffe Roma, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCatering by Nikki, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCBD Bar & Pizzeria, Cassels & Sons, Christchurchupdate
ClosedChinatown Seafood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownChinwag Eathai, Christchurchupdate
Open (caution)Christchurch Casinos Ltd, Christchurchupdate
Open NowClub Tower Cafe & Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoffee Den, Christchurchupdate
ClosedCoffee Lovers, Christchurchupdate
ClosedCoffee on Cashel, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCook'n' with Gas, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningCostas Souvlaki Bar Ltd, Christchurchupdate
ClosedCrumpet Club, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCurator's House Restaurant, Botanic Gardens, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningDeli de Luxe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDennys Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDose Cafe, Christchurchupdate
ClosedDrum Cafe, Shop 16a, Cathedral Junction, Christchurchupdate
UnknownDuo Dining Room and Bar, YMCA Building, Christchurchupdate
RelocatingDux de Lux, Arts Centre, Christchurchupdate
UnknownEllo Cafe & Eatery, Christchurchupdate
UnknownEngineers, Engineers and Merchants Building, Christchurchupdate
ClosedFat Eddie's, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFiddlesticks Restaurant & Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGreat Wall Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGreen Bullet Hop Bar, Christchurchupdate
Unknownhachi hachi, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHarlequin Public House, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHarpers, Carlton Mill Hotel, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHimalayas Indian Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHoneypot Cafe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHummingbird, Container Village, Christchurchupdate
UnknownIbistro, Ibis Hotel, Christchurchupdate
Unknownilex Café, Ilex Event Centre, Christchurchupdate
Open NowIndian Fendalton, Fendalton Village, Christchurchupdate
ClosedIshimoto Yakitori Bar & Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowJ.B's Cafe, Ballantynes, Christchurchupdate
ClosedJoe's Garage, Christchurchupdate
Open NowJoyful Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKeo Thai Restaurant, 13/14 Carlton Courts, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKing of Snake, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKinji Japanese Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open (caution)Kum Pun Thai Restaurant & Beer Garden, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLa Di Da Espresso Wine Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLatimer Hotel & Conference Centre, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLemon Tree Cafe, Christchurchupdate
RelocatingLin's Restaurant & Bar, Christchurchupdate
ClosedLiquidity Restaurant & Bar, Christchurchupdate
ClosedLittle India Bistro & Tandoor, Christchurchupdate
Open (caution)Little Saigon Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLone Star Papanui, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLower 9th Diner , Strange's building, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLuciano Espresso Bar, Hunters Furniture, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLuciano's Espresso, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMaddison's Restaurant at Heritage Christchurch, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMalaysia Delights, Christchurchupdate
ClosedManee Thai Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMashina Lounge, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMayur Indian Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMercato, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMexicano's, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMexico Christchurch, Christchurchupdate
ClosedMilk Bar Cafe, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMum's 24 Restaurant, Ground Floor, Christchurchupdate
ClosedNew Yorker Steak House, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNobanno, Christchurchupdate
ClosedOasis Restaurant and Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowOopen Pasta and Grill, Ibis Hotel, Christchurchupdate
UnknownOrleans Christchurch, Strange's building, Christchurchupdate
RelocatingOsaka Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
ClosedPalazzo Del Marinaio Seafood Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPassengers & Co, Aiport Business Park, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPegasus Arms, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPepperberry Cafe and Florist, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPerry's Cafe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPescatore Restaurant, The George Hotel, Christchurchupdate
ClosedPhu Thai Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPolo Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPomeroys' Old Brewery Inn, Christchurchupdate
ClosedPoppy Thai Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPoppy Thai Restaurant, Westfield Riccarton, Level 2, Christchurchupdate
ClosedPortofino, Christchurchupdate
UnknownProcope Cafe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowProcope Coffee House, Christchurchupdate
Open (caution)Puccini Deli & Premium Bar, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPulp Cafe @ Woohoo, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPure Espresso, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPurple Weka Cafe & Bar, Christchurchupdate
ClosedRaj Mahal Licensed Indian Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRangoon Ruby - Cuisine of Burma, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRed Cafe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRed Elephant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRestaurant Schwass, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRobbies Elmwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRobert Harris, YMCA Building, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRobert Harris Cafe, South City Mall, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRuby Rabbit Cafe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSaggio Di Vino, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSakimoto Japanese Bistro, Cathedral Junction, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSala Sala Japanese Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
ClosedSampan House Ltd, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSamurai Bowl, [RELOCATED], Christchurchupdate
Open (caution)Sanur - Indonesian Cuisine, Christchurchupdate
ClosedSasha's Pizza Company, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSeasons Café, Cathedral Junction, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningSepia Restaurant and Bar, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSimo's Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSouthern Asian Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSpagalimis Italian Pizzeria, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSpice Paragon & Khao San Road Bar, Norwest Building, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSt Asaph St Kitchen and Stray Dog Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSt Germain Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownStraits Cafe, Rendezvous Hotel, Christchurchupdate
UnknownStrange & Co., Strange's Lane, Christchurchupdate
Open NowStrawberry Fare Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
ClosedStunning Buns Italian Cafe & Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSudima Hotel Lobby Restaurant, Sudima Hotel, Christchurchupdate
ClosedSuede, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSugarhorse, Christchurchupdate
ClosedSura, Christchurchupdate
ClosedSushi Ya, Forsyth Barr House, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSweet Kitchen, Merivale Mall, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSwiss Cafe Bistro, Cathedral Junction, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTandoori Palace, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTequila Mockingbird, Christchurchupdate
RelocatingThai Pan Thong, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Belle Curve Cafe, Statistics NZ, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningThe Bicycle Thief, Christchurchupdate
ClosedThe Boardroom, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Bodhi Tree - Cuisine of Burma, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Bog Irish Bar, Christchurchupdate
ClosedThe Boulevard, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Contemporary Lounge, Ballantyne & Co Ltd, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Cotton Club and Butchery, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Daily Grind, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Dirty Land (TDL), Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Fish & Chip Shop, South of Lichfield (SOL Square), Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Fitz, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Gallery, Christchurch Casino, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Grand Café, Christchurch Casino, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Herb Centre Cafe, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Irishman, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Kitchen Cafe, Christchurch City Council Building , Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Kosher Kitchen, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Lotus-Heart Cafe, 595 Colombo St, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Lotus-Heart Restaurant, [RELOCATED], Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Monday Room, Strategy Building, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Museum Cafe, Canterbury Museum, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Niche Cafe & Bar, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Orange Tree, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Running Bull, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Square Restaurant & Bar, Novotel Christchurch Cathedral Square, Christchurchupdate
ClosedThe Tap Room, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Tearooms, Ballantynes & Co, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Villas, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTherapy, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTopkapi Turkish & Persian Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
ClosedTreasure Japanese Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownUnderground Espresso Bar, Christchurchupdate
Open NowVenuti Italian Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownVesuvio Courtyard Bar, Carlton Court, Christchurchupdate
Open NowVic's Cafe, Christchurchupdate
Open NowVictoria Cross Restaurant, Christchurch RSA, Christchurchupdate
ClosedVictoria Street Cafe, Crowne Plaza, Christchurchupdate
ClosedWagamama, Public Trust Building, Christchurchupdate
ClosedWhite Lily, Christchurchupdate
UnknownWinnie Bagoes, Christchurchupdate
UnknownYamagen Japanese Restaurant, Christchurchupdate
ClosedYellow Rocket- Bagels and Coffee, Christchurchupdate
ClosedYellowcross, Christchurchupdate
Open NowYummy Chinese Cuisine, Christchurchupdate

Christchurch City

UnknownLone Star, Christchurch City, Christchurchupdate


Open NowThe Jungle Cup, City, Christchurchupdate
Open NowVisions on Campus, School of Food and Hospitality, CPIT, City, Christchurchupdate

City Central

UnknownLumes, City Central, Christchurchupdate

Diamond Harbour

Open NowChalfont Cafe, Diamond Harbour, Christchurchupdate


Open NowBailies Bar and Restaurant, Edgeware, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCorianders, Edgeware Shops, Edgeware, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPho Sai Thai, Edgeware, Christchurchupdate


Open NowTuskers Elmwood, Elmwood, Christchurchupdate


Open NowChopsticks Restaurant, Fendalton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCrisp Cafe & Bar, Fendalton Village Mall, Fendalton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFive Star Vietnamese, Fendalton Village Mall, Fendalton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMaudes, Fendalton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMisceo Cafe & Bar, Fendalton, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningThe Preservatory Delicatessen & Cafe, Fendalton, Christchurchupdate


Open NowAt Tonys Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant - Ferrymead, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowC'est Si Bon Cafe Deli, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Del Mar, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Metro, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCasa Nostra, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCasual & Country Homestore & Cafe, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFerrymead Restaurant & Bars, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowIndian Ocean, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKenzo Japanese Restaurant, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMudfish Cafe, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPunjabi Dhaba Woolston, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThai Talay, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Claddagh, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Ferry Speight's Ale House, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowWatershed Restaurant & Bar, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate
Open NowWinnie Bagoes, Ferrymead, Christchurchupdate

Governors Bay

Open NowGovernors Bay Hotel, Governors Bay, Christchurchupdate
Open NowShe Universe, Governors Bay, Christchurchupdate


UnknownCraythornes Public House, Halswell, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMilanese, Halswell, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningPacers Family Restaurant, Halswell, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSteviez Cafe, Halswell, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTeds Bar and Grill, Halswell, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Old Vicarage Cafe, Restaurant & Bar, Halswell, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Packingshed Cafe, Halswell, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Quarry Bar & Bistro Ltd, Halswell, Christchurchupdate
UnknownWhite House Black, Halswell, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCafe Raeward, Raeward Fresh, Harewood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHighway Inn, Harewood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPlains Bar & Grill, Domestic Terminal, Harewood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowReality Bites Cafe & Catering, Harewood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSerengeti Restaurant, Orana Park, Harewood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSweethearts at Berryfields Restaurant, Harewood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Lakes Restaurant, Harewood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowWillowbank Wildlife Reserve, Harewood, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCastle Rock Cafe, Heathcote, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDinner Theatre, Ferrymead Heritage Park, Heathcote, Christchurchupdate
Open NowUpshot Coffee, Heathcote, Christchurchupdate

Heathcote Valley

Open NowValley Inn, Heathcote Valley, Christchurchupdate


UnknownThe Curry Culture, Hillmorton, Christchurchupdate


ClosedKawa Cafe, Hillsborough, Christchurchupdate

Hoon Hay

UnknownHoon Hay Thai, Hoon Hay, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLittle India, Shop 4, Hoon Hay, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Corner Cafe & Bar, Hoon Hay, Christchurchupdate


Open NowAranda Cafe, The Hub, Hornby Mall, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBaiyok 2 Thai Restaurant, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCathay's Restaurant, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownChalmers, Hornby Workingmens Club, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
Open NowChang Thai, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCurry Garden, Shop #304a, Dressmart, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownEsquires, Shop 104 The Hub Hornby Mall, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFinns Bar and Bistro, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHound & Hunt Inn, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownIron Horse Garden Restaurant, Equestrian Hotel, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKinara Indian Restaurant & Takeaway, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownNana's Indian Cuisine, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSabry's Souvlaki, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSnafu Bar & Restaurant, Hornby, Christchurchupdate
UnknownVice Espresso, Hornby, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCafe 101, University of Canterbury, Ilam, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCafe 1894, Undercroft, Central Library, Ilam, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLB & CO espresso, Ilam, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSushi Revolution, Ilam, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Shilling Club, James Hight Library, University of Canterbury, Ilam, Christchurchupdate


UnknownIslington Bistro, Islington Tavern, Islington, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLittle Sister Cafe, Islington Tavern (The Swamp), Islington, Christchurchupdate


UnknownArmadillos Bar and Restaurant, Leeston, Christchurchupdate


ClosedMillstream The, Lincoln, Christchurchupdate


Open NowBai Thong Thai Restaurant, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBangkok Restaurant & Takeaway, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFrank's Cafe, Eastgate Mall, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFreiya's Authentic Indian, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHerbs And Spices, Cathedral Junction, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownKebab Express, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLa Tandoor Indian Takeaways, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
RelocatingMarcel's Picnic, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMediterranean Food Co & Cafe, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRed Chilli Thai, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRed Elephant, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTandoori Palace, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTristans, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowUnder The Red Verandah, Linwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowVivace Espresso Roastery & Cafe, Linwood, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCivil & Naval, Lytteltonupdate
Open NowEverest Indian Restaurant, Lyttelton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFisherman's Wharf Lyttelton, Lyttelton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFreemans Dining Room, Lytteltonupdate
Open NowIrish Pub, Lyttelton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownIt's Indi, Lytteltonupdate
ReopeningLyttelton Coffee Company, Lytteltonupdate
ClosedLyttelton Lounge, Lytteltonupdate
Open NowRoots Restaurant, Lytteltonupdate
Open NowSAMO Coffee Lounge, Lyttelton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe PortHole Bar & Restaurant, Lyttelton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTommy Chang's, Lyttelton, Christchurchupdate


UnknownThe Shroom Room, Lyttleton, Christchurchupdate


Open NowProvidence Cafe, Mairehau, Christchurchupdate


UnknownGarden Cafe & Gifts, Marshlands, Christchurchupdate


Open Nowaikmans bar & restaurant, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open Nowb b's Cafe, Merivale Mall, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBardello, Merivale Mall, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBrewers Arms Stonegrill Merivale, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBrigittes Restaurant & Bar, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Metro, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCarlton Restaurant, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoffee Culture, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowJDV, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownJimmy's Restaurant & Bar, Pavilions Hotel, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLeinster Rd Restaurant, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLittle India Bistro & Tandoor, Merivale Mall, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMansfield House/Tavern, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMerry Thai Restaurant, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
ClosedMomo, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNo 4, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPaasha's Turkish Restaurant & Bar, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSavoire Café, Shop 25, Merivale Mall, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSushi World, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Wine Bar, Carlton Courts, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTudors Restaurant, Heartland Hotel Cotswold, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTutto Bene, Merivale, Christchurchupdate
Open NowYoshi, Merivale, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCafe Kudos, Middleton, Christchurchupdate


Open NowBlue Duck Cafe, Motukarara, Christchurchupdate

Mount Pleasant

Open NowFlames Italian Restaurant, Mount Pleasant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFuze, Mount Pleasant, Christchurchupdate
UnknownGrindhouse Cafe, Mount Pleasant, Christchurchupdate

New Brighton

Open NowCrema, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownDi Mare, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownDriftwood Cafe, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFuel Cafe, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFuze Cafe, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHoney Cafe, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownIndian On The Pier, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLighthouse Cafe, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownNew Brighton Club Bistro, New Brighton Club, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPhad Thai Restaurant, Shop/59 Brighton Mall, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPierside Cafe, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRobbies Bar & Bistro, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownS&M SPICY THAI, Surfside Mall, New Brighton, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSalt on the Pier, Pier Terminus, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSouth Of India, New Brighton Pier, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSwitch Espresso, New Brighton Mall, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Bower & Urban Corner Cafe, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownUrban Corner, The Bower, New Brighton, Christchurchupdate

North Beach

Open NowMonthai Takeaway, Shop 4 QE II Shopping Centre, North Beach, Christchurchupdate

North New Brighton

UnknownKazbah, North New Brighton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Naked Baker Ltd, North New Brighton, Christchurchupdate


Open NowJagz Of Styx Mill, Northwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRay K's Cafe, Northwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRosebank Estate Winery Restaurant, Northwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowStyx and Stone, Northwood Supa Centre, Northwood, Christchurchupdate

Nth Canterbury

Open NowDarjon Vineyard Function Venue & Restaurant, Nth Canterbury, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCiBurb Bar & Grill, Opawa, Christchurchupdate
Open NowOpawa Bakery & Cafe, Opawa Mall, Opawa, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSunroom Cafe, Opawa, Christchurchupdate


UnknownAriana Pizza, Kebab, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
UnknownArjee Bhajee, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowChilliKiwi, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowEgyptian Kebab House, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHungry Wok, Northlands Mall, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowIndian Harvest, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
UnknownIndian Pearl Restaurant, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowIndian Sumner Papanui, Shop 7, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKhmer Satay Noodle House, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLa Porchetta, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMaharaja Restaurant, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMee-Mee Thai Takeaways, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNew York Deli - Papanui, Northlands Mall (Shop 31A), Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNoodle Union, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNorth Garden Restaurant, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPhuket Thai, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRobert Harris, Northlands Shopping Centre, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRose & Thistle Tavern, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSapporo Gold Restaurant And Bar, Quality Hotel Elms, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningSophies Cafe, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
UnknownStation One Cafe, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTaste of Egypt Kebab and Souvlaki, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTasty Thai Papanui, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
ClosedThai Square Restaurant & Bar, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe China Kitchen, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Flying Burrito Brothers Northlands, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Station Restaurant, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowWest Coast Bar and Grill, Papanui, Christchurchupdate
Open NowZest Noodle House, Northlands Mall, Papanui, Christchurchupdate


Open NowOne Good Horse, The Turf, Parklands, Christchurchupdate


ClosedSala Thai Restaurant, Phillipstown, Christchurchupdate
UnknownStadium Sports Bar & Bistro, Opposite AMI Stadium, Phillipstown, Christchurchupdate


UnknownFinnegans Irish Bar & Cafe, Prebbleton Tavern, Prebbleton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownGilmores, Prebbleton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSilver Birch Restaurant & Takeaway, Prebbleton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Bridge Cafe & Bar, Prebbleton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThyme Cafe, Prebbleton, Christchurchupdate

Queens Park

Open NowLa Tandoor Indian Takeaways, Queens Park, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRobbies Bar & Bistro, Queens Park, Christchurchupdate
Open NowVa Voom Cafe, Queens Park, Christchurchupdate


UnknownLa Festa Pizzeria at Redcliffs, Redcliffs, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLook Gallery Ltd, Redcliffs, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRedcliffs Chinese Restaurant, Redcliffs, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Grand Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Redcliffs, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Spur on Redcliffs, Redcliffs, Christchurchupdate


Open NowBurgers and Beers Inc, Redwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowChillingworth Road, Redwood, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCoasters Tavern, Redwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoffee Culture, Redwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCostas Taverna Greek Restaurant & Ouzo Bar, Redwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCurry Time Restaurant, Redwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSequoia 88 Restaurant, Redwood, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThai Temple, Redwood, Christchurchupdate


Open NowAncestral, Unit 5, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowAnna's Cafe, Tower Junction Shopping Centre, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownArirang Village, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowArjee Bhajee, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
ReopeningAt Tonys Japanese Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowAuntie Dai's Dumplings, Westfield Mall, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBenson's Restaurant No.1, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBento Sushi Express, Opposite Briscoes, Westfield Riccarton Mall, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBrowsers Cafe & Garden Centre, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBuddha Stix, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Sismo, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownChina Wok, Windmill Centre, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowChoi's Restaurant and Bar, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoffee Culture, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowColumbus Coffee Riccarton Rd , Westfield Riccarton Mall , Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCookai Japanese Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDaphne's Restuarant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDecant Vintners & Epicures, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDimitris Greek Food, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownDragon Express Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDrexel's Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDumplings, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDux Dine, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowEdward Hopper Cafe & Technical Books, Windmill Centre, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFo Guan Shan Tea House, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFood Sing Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFox & Ferret Public Ale House: Riccarton, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGarden Court Restaurant, Chateau on the Park Hotel, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGround Floor Cafe, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHappy Spice house, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHarringtons Bar and Cafe, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHimawari Japanese Restaurant, Windmill Centre, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
ClosedHoofbeats Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKeungs Chinese Cuisine, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKhmer Satay Noodle House, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownKorean Noodle Lounge, Windmill Centre, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLa Porchetta, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowLone Star Riccarton, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLuciano Cafe, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMadam Kwong's, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMandeville Coffee Shop, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMayur Indian Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowNando's, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPiece Of Cake, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPunjabi Dhaba Riccarton, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRed Bowl Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRelish The Moment, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRiccarton House Bistro, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRiccarton Noodle House, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRobbies Bar & Bistro, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSaigon Star, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
ClosedSami's Lebanese & Middle Eastern Cuisine, Windmill Shpping Centre, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownShamiana Cuisines of India, Westfield Riccarton, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSpeights Ale House Tower Junction, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSpice 'n' Life, Church Corner, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownStellar Restaurant/Bar, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowT J Restaurant, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTaste of Bengal, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThai Orchid Restaurant & Bar, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThat Mexican Guy, Volstead Trading Company, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Coffee Club Riccarton, Westfield Mall, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Craic Irish Bar, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Lucky Thai Limited, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Seed Cafe, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTheobroma Chocolate Lounge, Westfield Mall, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownTravinos, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTrevinos Restaurant & Bar, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowUncle Ali's Kebabs and Souvlakis, Windmilll Centre, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownVelvet Burger, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownWater Drop Vegetarian Cafe, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowWelcome Chinese Vegetarian Cafe, Riccarton, Christchurchupdate


Open NowBahn Thai Restaurant, Richmond, Christchurchupdate
UnknownJanes Bar & Cafe, Richmond, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLittle Star Vietnamese Restaurant, Richmond, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMa and Pa's Bakery, Richmond, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPersian Kitchen, Richmond, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThree Thirty One, Richmond, Christchurchupdate


Open NowMonkey Spices, Rolleston, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRendezvous Cafe Ltd, Rolleston, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRolly Thai, Rolleston, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Rock Rolleston, Rolleston, Christchurchupdate


UnknownBrowns Espresso, Russley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Terra Viva, Russley, Christchurchupdate
UnknownNice Cook Chinese Restaurant & Takeaways, Russley, Christchurchupdate


UnknownBeanGo Cafe, The Palms, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Atua, The Garden Hotel & Restaurant, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCasbah Moroccan Grill, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCocopelli Gourmet Pizza Bar, The Palms Arena, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoffee Culture, The Palms Mall, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFox & Ferret Public Ale House, Palms Shopping Mall, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGarden Restaurant & Bar, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHammersleys Thai, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLa Tandoor, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowO'Sheas Public House, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowOne Bar and Grill, The Palms, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPapas Pizza, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRobert Harris, Shop 70, Palms Shopping Centre, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRoyal Tandoor, Shirley, Christchurchupdate
Open NowShirley Fresh Bread Ltd ( trading as Shirley Bakery), Shirley, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Shirley Lodge, Shirley, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCameron Japanese Family Restaurant, Sockburn, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCrafted Coffee Company, Sockburn, Christchurchupdate
UnknownGolden Boat Restaurant, Sockburn, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGrand Prix Cafe, Sockburn, Christchurchupdate
UnknownKapitan, Coach Corner, Sockburn, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSai Touch of Spice, Sockburn, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSouthern Spices Restaurant, Sockburn, Christchurchupdate


Open NowPiccolo Ristorante Italiano, Somerfield, Christchurchupdate


Open NowCurry Junction, Spreydon, Christchurchupdate
UnknownLa Tandoor Indian Takeaways, Spreydon, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMiengin House, Spreydon, Christchurchupdate
UnknownOn Cafe, Oderings Nursery, Spreydon, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThai Rendezvous Restaurant & Bar, Spreydon, Christchurchupdate

St Albans

UnknownBailies Bar and Restaurant, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBangkok Cuisine, Carlton Courts, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCirca Coffee & Wares, [relocated], St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGreat China Restaurant & Takeaway, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowKannigas Thai Food, Carlton Courts, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMeshino Cafe, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMocha, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPavilions Hotel Christchurch, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRis'tretto Espresso, Coffee Roasters and Cafe, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRobbies Bar & Bistro, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSchmagelz Cafe, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSema's Thai Cuisine, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTangle Towers Espresso, St Albans, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTomi Japanese Restaurant, Edgeware Mall, St Albans, Christchurchupdate

St Martins

Open NowFava, St Martins, Christchurchupdate


UnknownFine Foods, Strowan, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRocksalt, Strowan, Christchurchupdate


Open NowBamboozle Oriental Fusion Kitchen & Bar, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBeach Bar, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCave Rock Pub, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowClink Restaurant and Bar, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoffee Culture, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDot Com Cafe, Amiralty Courts, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowIndian Blues, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowIndian Sumner, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowJoe's Garage, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
UnknownOcean Cafe and Bar, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
UnknownOn The Rocks, Cafe and Bar, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSalt Bar Cafe, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowScarborough Fare Restaurant & Cafe, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Cornershop Bistro, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Headless Mexican, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Rock Cafe, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Village Grape, Sumner, Christchurchupdate
Open NowUnderground, Sumner, Christchurchupdate


UnknownBackstreet Cafe, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
ClosedBlue Jean Cuisine Restaurant & Bar, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBombay Butler, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowBurgers & Beers Inc, New Location!, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCafe Cito, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCasbah on Colombo, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoffee Culture Roastery, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCoopers & Co, The Colombo, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownDragons Den Social Lounge, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownFusion @ The Asiatique, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHello Sunday, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowJust Desserts, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowJ’aime Les Macarons, The Colombo, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMyhanh Vietnamese Restaurant, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMythos Greek Souvlakis, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPot Sticker Dumpling Bar, The Colombo, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRed Elephant, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRidge Restaurant & Bar, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
ClosedRob Roys Public House, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownSchwass in a Box, Kitchen Things, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThai Kitchen, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Cupcake Collection, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Sausage Sisters, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Serious Sandwich, The Colombo, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThree Six Three Cafe & Bar, The Colombo, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
Open NowUnderground Colombo Street South, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownWAC Cafe, Sydenham, Christchurchupdate

Tai Tapu

UnknownTai Tapu Cafe, Tai Tapu, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTai Tapu Hotel Restaurant & Bar, Tai Tapu Hotel, Tai Tapu, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Raspberry Cafe, Tai Tapu, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Store @ Tai Tapu, Tai Tapu, Christchurchupdate


UnknownTrents Estate Vineyard Restaurant, Templeton, Christchurchupdate

Upper Riccarton

UnknownArjun Angel, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowAsian Delight Restaurant, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBlenheim Road Tavern, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownBlue Bell Cafe, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowCafe Seven, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowDragon Garden Chinese Restaurant, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowFoo San Restaurant, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHachi Hachi, Bush Inn Centre, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownHao Yes, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowJoe's Garage, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownKebab Inn, Bush Inn Shopping Centre, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMyhanh Vietnamese Restaurant, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownOasis Cafe, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownOrange House Restaurant & Takeaway, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPatisserie Yahagi, Church Corner, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownPepe's Mexican Grill, Bush Inn Centre, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownRed Cafe Riccarton, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSakura Japanese Cuisine, Church Corner Mall, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSpagalimis Italian Pizzeria, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSpice Paragon, Bush Inn Centre, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTandoori Palace Ilam, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowTea'sme (Teasme) Specialty Teas, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate
UnknownZenbu Japanese Restaurant & Bar, Christchurch, Upper Riccarton, Christchurchupdate

Waimairi Beach

Open NowBeach Cafe, Waimairi Beach, Christchurchupdate


UnknownCafe Jireh, Celebration Convention Centre, Wainoni, Christchurchupdate


Open NowAlvarados Mexican Cantina, Waltham, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Sweetheart Bakery, Waltham, Christchurchupdate

West Melton

Open NowLangdale Vineyard Restaurant, West Melton, Christchurchupdate
Open NowMelton Estate Vineyard, West Melton, Christchurchupdate


Open NowThe Tuck Shop Café, Air Force Museum, Wigram, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThree Men Cafe, Wigram, Christchurchupdate


Open NowChez Sabry Kebab and Souvlaki, Woolston Village, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
UnknownClaude's Kitchen, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
UnknownCoffee Worx, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
Open NowEverest Indian Restaurant, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGreen Chilli Thai Food, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
Open NowGustav's Kitchen & Wine Bar, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
Open NowHatrix Restaurant, Woolston Club, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
UnknownMitchelli's Cafe Rinato, The Tannery, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
UnknownNoodle Union, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
Open NowPortstone Garden Cafe, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Brewery, Cassels & Sons Brewery, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Twisted Hop Pub, Woolston, Christchurchupdate
UnknownThe Woolston Market, The Tannery, Woolston, Christchurchupdate


UnknownDine Divine, Yaldhurst, Christchurchupdate
Open NowRobbies Bar & Bistro, Yaldhurst, Christchurchupdate
Open NowSharvin Lodge, Yaldhurst, Christchurchupdate
Open NowThe Talbot@Yaldhurst, Yaldhurst, Christchurchupdate
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