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Nikau Gallery Cafe

Info Map Edit


City Art Callery
Civic Square
Region: Wellington
Licence: BYO (Wine only)
Cuisine: Café

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Phone: 04-801 4168
Fax: 04-801 4185

Overall DineOut Score based on 50 reviews

Child Friendly Yes
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Review by: Magzstar [DineOut VIP] (522) on


I really like the kedgeree here- the taste is quite special but I am getting less and less for $25 now! I am not sure how they are costing this or if it is subsidising other dishes? But still love it

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Review by: meguin [DineOut VIP] (190) on


Some years ago, I was not impressed with either the food or service but I have on several occassions dined here for brunch since then and have appreciated their quality food. Their pricing is also more reasonable for most dishes but I think kedgeree at $25 is rather exhorbitant. I had some scrambled eggs with herbs and a side of smoked salmon which was very nice. Their scrambling of the eggs is the 'just cooked' approach and they must use very small eggs as it is not a large portion. Several others at our table just had a coffee and date scone, the almond brioche looked yummy and how sensible to have 2 different sizes of the cream filled cronutty thingys in the cabinet - not quite guilt free but reduced guilt.
The dining area opposite the service area is a great light filled space and on a fine day the outdoor seating is a sunny spot amongst the vegie and herb containers. Lovely.

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Review by: FoodWithFriends (1) on

Child Friendly Yes

I went to Nikau this morning with my father, we were greeted straight away and when we asked for a table for two the lovely waitress you greeted us ran off to set up a table, coming back very quickly she led us though the cafe to our table.
Menus were given to us straight away, and we went on to decide our meals, with questions about some of the ingredients the staff were happy to help us understand all of our questions, I had the Blue Cod however, much to my disappointment they had already sold out of this and I was offered to have the snapper instead which being a fish fan I said yes to quickly, drinks came very fast almost immediately and soon after pour meals came. Large meals very worth the money my dad had the soup with he said was very nice worth the money and filled him up completely, my snapper was exceptional it was gorgeous I would happily eat that for the rest of my life a wonderful piece of fish. Very impressed with the food overall everyone around the busy little cafe also looked to be having a lovely lunch.
The service was great, fast, friendly and very polite It was a great experience. Environment was also on point loud and energetic the cafe felt alive and it was wonderful haven't had this environment in a long time and boy have I missed it. The presentation of Nikau was amazing it fitted the gallery's style very well it was modern and interesting nice chairs tables and a interesting rustic yet very contemporary style. Bathrooms were also great.
Very much recommend Nikau it was amazing I will defiantly be returning very soon so be ready!

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Review by: Coffeed (6) on


Went to Nikau Yesterday for lunch. The café was quiet being 11:45, but didn't take long to fill up. Service was brisk and efficient. 2 of us had the famous kedgeree, and said it live up to the hype. Myself and the other had the fried chicken, and unfortunately this fell flat. Sitting on a rather limp bed of fennel and apple coleslaw was 3 very small pieces of chicken, about one and a half thighs to be exact. While the flavour was ok, it was a ripoff for the $26 price tag. Will stick to the kedgeree next time..

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Review by: Wellywoo77 (3) on


Very disappointed as friends had recommended this place.
Staff we're quite rude and pretentious, service was slow - I'm wondering if perhaps we weren't cool enough. Maybe it is some type of exclusive club as some tables got special service. Two tables who arrived after us had their mains on the table before our order for coffee was taken.
I thought food was good, I enjoyed the grilled halloumi with tomato salad and my friend had the kedgeree which he said was okay, but a little bland. The grilled bread with olive oil was nice.
We didn't try anything sweet, but the sweet food in the cabinet looked good. The coffee was very good and we would normally have stayed for another one, but we felt awkward and went elsewhere.
Disappointing as we have been dining in Wellington for 3 years, and we had just been talking about how spoilt for choice we are in Wellington for great food and great service.
I won't be recommending this place to friends, even if the food is nice - good service is so important. I wouldn't want my friends to feel uncomfortable like we did.

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Review by: food to die for (45) on


We went for a special birthday lunch this week and had a really great time and the food was excellent. I had the warmed olives for a start followed by the fish of the day which was in a broth with the potatoes and quite delicious. The other diners had the classical usual kedgeree which is always dependable. The bubbles and Pegasys Bay riesling were all good as well. Dessert was a coffee shot and liquor pored onto some ice- cream with a strong coffee taste .
Our favorite lunch destination.

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Review by: Julep [DineOut VIP] (190) on


Had breakfast here recently before work. I had the muesli with yoghurt and poached fejoia, my Dad the pancakes. The pancakes looked quite boring but he enjoyed them. The muesli was divine. Full of nuts and grains and the fejoais were poached to perfection. I always get eggs or pancakes or something cooked for breakfast when I eat out so I was very happy with my choice. My Dad was happy with his juice and coffee, my english breakfast tea pot was enormous. Came to an even $40. Really nice place to eat, very friendly staff, very attentive. New favorite spot!!

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Review by: Emsbuk (3) on

Child Friendly Kind of

The kedgiree here keeps getting better. Shame they're closed now on a Sunday, I'll have to get my kedgiree fix on a Saturday instead. The counter food is nice too, lovely cakes and always something different. The service can be a bit abrubt at times, but the waiting staff are always quick to get coffees which is great to see in a cafe

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