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8th Feb 2016
Sorry to hear DineOut is closed. I wish you all the best.

ps Wonder if you will be archive the site at

[Edited 8th Feb 2016 03:00 AM]
Happy Chap.
8th Feb 2016
Such a shame but totally understand the reasons for it. Thanks for providing a place to seek out new eateries, and for providing an entertaining read from time to time. All the best
paul and helen
DineOut VIP
10th Feb 2016
gutted but we understand. thanks for all the revues that have helped us decide where to go and not go
10th Feb 2016
dang !! what a shame , shall miss the read
DineOut VIP
10th Feb 2016
You have put in an amazing amount of work, have had a major impact on restaurant reviewing in NZ, steered us to many new experiences and places, and can stand tall for what you have achieved. You have stayed true to your aims and ideals. You will be much missed. Thanks, and may your future be one of fun, good eating, and rather more spare time!
11th Feb 2016
Yes, many thanks to the owners and busy reviewers over the years. I'm fiercely proud this website was Canterbury based and Ive enjoyed my years here. All the best for the future!
paul and helen
DineOut VIP
11th Feb 2016
bring back dineout!!
ok someone out there has the skills and patience to bring this back, wouldn't mind a few $$ a year to pay either. a few bucks to cover web costs is nothing compared to a bad meal. i would be in for a minimal cost pay site. c'mon people lets do this
12th Feb 2016
I agree with Hugh. There has been an amazing amount of effort and resources put to this site and I find it a shame we are losing it.
Many thanks to all involved in DineOut.

As for keeping the site going:
I think it isn't just the skills. It takes time and effort to keep the site going. Currently there's a lot of different review sites, not all of them satisfactory.

Unfortunately in order to get this place going again I suspect we not only need someone with the resources to put in. Money for hosting the server is probably the least since some overseas hosting sites aren't that expensive.

In terms of day to day operations:

They need more people to approve reviews, new restaurants added, remove old restaurants etc. Currently only reviews by VIP users are automatically posted. Others are reviewed by someone. The new restaurants being added need to perhaps be automated or somehow info scraped from somewhere because there's too many new places opening each month and results in old places closing.

For some time now I have a feeling the press releases or publicity on new places opening aren't being sent to Dineout Admins. Also they don't have the resources to scour the blogs etc for listings of new places being opened or refurbished etc.

It takes a lot of time and effort to fill in the add new restaurant. I have tried but it requires time and effort.

There's the software behind the whole site. Perhaps port the existing database to some software mantained by someone else. Otherwise someone needs to write code and keep the software new, assuming DineOut will allow us to use the same software. This requires someone being paid for that effort or someone volunteering their time for free.

There's also the effort that is required to attract and encourage more people to post reviews here. We need to look at social media.

Menu Mania (and now Zomato) had the ability to brand their site for other sites. That's how they ended up with restaurants.<sitename> . The same with eventfinder. Both Zomato and Yelp hold events for their reviewers. I assume these are people who review often or they joined an interest group. Trip Advisor has a profile too due to their site and the certs they dole out each month.

There's effort and money required to market the site.

Some of them have apps so people can post reviews from their smartphone, apps on facebook so the restaurant can add tab/link on their facebook page to post reviews here.

Basically other review sites have moved beyond reviews being posted on the web and allow reviews being posted.

It is a bit sad since I do like reading reviews here and enjoy the community.
DineOut VIP
13th Feb 2016
I agree with everyone who has posted -- I'm very sorry that DineOut is shutting down. We wish you all the best, and many thanks. And happy dining to all my fellow reviewers!
17th Feb 2016
Sorry to see the end. I didn't post much but I used the site a lot to choose restaurants knowing that the reviews were honest.
Sal Monella
17th Feb 2016
Damn! I logged on here just to post a review of the 8-course Surprise Menu at St Germain to find that Dineout is no more :o(

Reading about what has gone on off-site leaves an unpleasant taste and I don't think I could be bothered looking at any other review sites. I recoil in horror from the semi-literate dross that makes up 90% of the posts on Farcebook, and deleted my account a while ago, so I won't be looking there either. Apart from anything else, we don't eat out much now that my circumstances have changed (physically and financially.)

Many thanks to CJD and TMouse for all the work you've put into Dineout, and all the best for whatever you choose to do in the future.
DineOut VIP
23rd Feb 2016
So sad to see the end of DineOut. This site has always been my 'go to' when looking for a new place to eat. Thank you CJD and TMouse for the time and effort in keeping this site going for the last 15 plus years.
Pete Mc
DineOut VIP
23rd Mar 2016
Thanks guys, for the work you have put into it. I'll miss this place, it's an example of what social media can be. All the best, and have a rest!
DineOut VIP
4th Feb 2017
February 1st 2017 has come and gone, and the DineOut website is still there. But then the 'farewell speech' on its home page didn't specify which year - is it too much to hope that something is in the air to save it? We, undoubtedly amongst many other former devotees, certainly hope so.

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